Cosmetic Dentistry in Sacramento, CA: Drinks to Ditch for a Beautiful Smile

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The smile can say a lot of things. It can tell if the person is not feeling well or if they are not in the mood. Sometimes, through looking at someone’s beam, you can quickly determine if that person is genuine. Your smile can even give a clue about the foods and drinks that you put in your mouth! Have you ever noticed the teeth of those avid coffee-drinkers? They often give off a stubborn yellow color. For those who are fond of quenching soda every meal, their pearly whites may show decays and unpleasant aesthetics.

As part of our cosmetic dentistry service at Dentistry of East Sacramento, we would like to inform our patients about the detrimental effects of certain beverages to their teeth. We listed down the most common drinks that people used to incorporate in their diet along with their impacts. May this information motivate everyone to ditch the things that are not good for their smiles.


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Your Teeth Don’t Deserve These Beverages!


Okay, let’s start with the overly-consumed drink of people from students to working professionals and even seniors—coffee! This energy booster beverage becomes a staple for everyone. In fact, there are millions of establishments around the world who solely serve any sort of coffees in their shops—that’s how people are addicted to the said drink. But for the pearly whites, your daily cup of joe may not be so good. It contains acid that is definitely ruinous to the teeth plus its strong color can stain your smile big-time.

Sparkling Water

Plain water may taste boring, that is why sparkling waters are made available in the market. We all know how valuable water is for our dental health, but this fancy sparkling water is an exception. It has a pH level of 2.74 and 3.34. And you already knew what this figure means: Enamel erosion! So why not stick to your plain water and milk instead? Your smile will thank you later!


Your date night would not be perfect without you and your partner quenching glasses of wine. This type of refreshment has multiple variants. But those who are overprotective of the appearance of their teeth may choose white wine over the red one. While the first option may sound safe for the smile, this is actually equipped with a higher amount of acid compared to the latter alternative.

Dentistry of East Sacramento believes that one of the best ways to take care of your smile is by feeding it right. Other than that, you should also seek professional help to make the aesthetics of your pearly whites even more ideal. We welcome patients to avail of our teeth whitening if they have a problem with the shade of their teeth and veneers for those who are struggling with multiple teeth irregularities. These two treatments are designed to give you a smile that you are longing to have for so long.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Sacramento, CA should be your smile’s partner! Visit us now at Dentistry of East Sacramento and get started with your new glowing grin. We are located at 1005 39th St., Sacramento, CA 95816.