Why Must One Need Regular Dental Checkups?

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Did you know that even though you are taking good care of your teeth, it is still important to visit your dentist regularly? Most of us seldom visit our dentist until a tooth problem occurs. Oftentimes, it is the dentist who can detect these problems, especially the ones you do not see and feel.

dental checkup

Here at Dentistry of East Sacramento, we will help you understand more about the significance of regular dental checkups. Read on below!

Helps detect dental problems at an early stage

Regular dental checkups allow dentists to diagnose possible complications during their early stages—one example is oral cancer. The good news is, despite being one of the most dreaded diseases, cancer is treatable if detected early. During regular checkups, dentists don’t only clean the teeth; they also check the mouth for irregularities that needs immediate attention.

Avoid tooth loss

When plaque gets stuck to the teeth for a long time, it tends to destroy the bone and starts to eat the roots supporting the teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and thorough cleaning are needed to prevent tooth loss.

Ensures healthy clean teeth

Plaque and tartar are difficult to remove by just simply brushing and flossing. These harmful substances can only be removed by a dental professional who uses special instruments for more effective cleaning during your regular visits.

Prevents bad breath

Bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene, gum disease, and food particles stuck between the teeth. But with regular dental checkups, this condition can be prevented. When built-up tartar and calculus are removed by the dentist, this results in a fresher and cleaner breath.

Protects your overall health

Ensuring your oral health is synonymous with ensuring your overall health. Poor oral health leads to certain diseases and infections, such as cardiovascular disease and respiratory infections. Fortunately, with regular dental checkups, complications in one’s oral health are detected early, keeping you healthy in the long run. 

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