Kelly Clarkson’s Root Canal Treatment in Sacramento, CA

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Communication is made easier in this technology-based generation. As for the celebrities, one of their best medium to keep in touch with their fans is through social media. Aside from updating the public the important dates that they need to save for some notable performances like concerts for instance. Sometimes, celebs are also fond of posting things that are going on in their lives, may it be in their career or personal life – including their journey at the dental chair!

One great example is the singer and American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson who posted via social media about her emergency root canal treatment and even asked for moral support before undergoing the procedure.

On her Facebook page, she said, “Emergency root canal – I’ve had better days.” The caption is accompanied with the photo of her nervous self. But hey, is there something to be really scared of about the treatment? We at Dentistry of East Sacramento is here to clear the misconceptions about the Root Canal Treatment.


Root Canal Treatment


For the knowledge of everyone, the purpose of root canal treatment is to save the tooth that might supposedly be lost due to an infection within. To those who are worried about having the procedure, they should not be as it is the best approach to preserve the teeth. Moreover, if the tooth is infected, it can be excruciating. To halt the pain root canal treatment is the best choice. But how is the procedure done?

To condition the patient and avoid any discomfort, a local anesthetic is administered. After the preparation, the dentist will create a small opening to the infected tooth. Doing so will allow the dental professional to access the pulp chamber. With the use of the different tiny instruments, the affected pulp or nerve is removed. The root canals are also cleaned by using certain tools. After it is cleared, the canals are then ready for sealing and filling.

During the next appointment, the temporary filling will be eliminated, and the placement of the permanent restoration will take place.

As for Kelly Clarkson, some sources reported that she returned to the dentist after her root canal treatment because of some pain. However, with us at Dentistry of East Sacramento, we make it a goal to provide our patients with a Root Canal Treatment while minimizing any underlying issues like the hassles and discomfort.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. Book your Root Canal Treatment in Sacramento, CA with us at Dentistry of East Sacramento and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!