Most Common Questions About Teeth Whitening – Sacramento, CA

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One of the most popular procedures that many people undergo nowadays is a teeth whitening treatment. For those who are worried about the dullness of their smiles, this is the ideal solution. And since it is a non-invasive treatment, people are more confident about undergoing the process.

Despite this, there are still others who feel uncertain about the treatment. Questions like, “is it worth it?” or “would it work?” comes into their minds. To provide a solution to all these, we at Dentistry of East Sacramento prepared a list of the questions that many people ask about teeth whitening along with their answers.


Teeth Whitening


Is it safe?

Of course, anyone would want to be assured that the treatment would not cause them any harm. As teeth whitening is one of the leading options for smile enhancements, many brands and kits have emerged in the market. Dentist discourages patients of their use and suggests professional procedures instead. Professional teeth whitening is the ideal and safest alternative for patients to whiten their teeth than over-the-counter options. Dentists make sure to perform preparations by shielding the structures in the mouth other than the teeth before its application to avoid any forms of irritation and discomfort.

Who are candidates for the treatment?

Professional teeth whitening would work effectively to numerous people; however, there are exceptions. People with dental restorations like crowns, bridges, dentures, fillings, bondings, or veneers would not benefit from the procedure. To make sure that it would be an ideal choice, undergoing consultation with the dentist beforehand would be a great idea.

How long will its effects last?

The effects of a professional teeth whitening treatment could last for many years, but it will also depend per patient. Their habits will affect the duration of the whitening result. For instance, those who observe proper oral habits can have longer-lasting bright smile, while those with poor habits will only experience whiter teeth in a short amount of time.

How can it be maintained?

Patients should practice proper dental hygiene and care habits to make sure that factors that can cause the teeth to discolor will be eliminated. It is also essential for the person to observe routine dental visits for cleanings and checkups to ensure excellent overall oral health aside from having beautiful teeth.


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