Signs That Indicate the Need for Denture Repair or Replacement

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Thanks to the discovery of dentures, people in the past who suffered from tooth loss were given a second chance of getting a complete set of teeth. And with the advancements in dentistry, the said dental restoration option is still available nowadays but in a much-improved form. However, despite its improved durability, it is still imperative for patients to monitor their oral appliance for any signs that call the need for repair or replacement.

At Dentistry of East Sacramento, we want our patients to be aware of the things about their oral wellness; these include the dental devices that help them restore any compromised functions. So, to assist them in determining if their dentures need professional attention, we prepared a list of signs to watch out for.

Change in facial aesthetics

The teeth play a role in making the cheeks look full. Fortunately, if the natural teeth are lost, dentures can keep this function going. However, if the face is showing signs of changing, this may mean that the dentures are no longer functioning the way they used to. The best thing to do is to consult the dentist if adjustments can be made or if replacing the appliance is the better option.

Chips and cracks

If denture-wearers happen to bite on something too hard or if they accidentally dropped the oral appliance when cleaning, it is possible for the fake teeth to have cracks or chips. Although these will not affect the function of dentures, soft tissue cuts and irritations are more likely to happen. To prevent these from worsening, it is best to have the dentist repair the appliance.

Gum Irritations

When wearing dentures for the first time, patients usually experience inflammation, but this disappears after the mouth adjusts to the oral appliance. If there are bleeding, inflammation, and spots present, these indicate an irregularity with the denture surface. If this is caused by food debris, maintaining good oral hygiene is best. But if not, addressing the issue to a dentist is ideal.

Broken teeth

In case a tooth accidentally dislodged from the dentures, patients should never attempt to handle the problem in their own by using over the counter repair kit or household adhesives. Instead of making it better, it may even take a turn for the worse since it can result in irregular fit and more problems.

Change in fit

The characteristics of a good fitting full dentures are top dentures that suction to the gums while the bottom one that stays securely over the gums. While with partial dentures, they remain in line with the other teeth. If there are significant movements and sudden change in fit, adjustments or replacement may be necessary. To avoid sores and any other discomfort, address the issue immediately to the dentist.

To keep the dentures in a fully functional state with retained aesthetics, watch out for any changes then alert the dentist for measures to be taken accordingly.

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