Tips and Tricks on How to Recover from Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extractions, majority of us have had them. Even after the permanent set of teeth have settled in, having some teeth pulled during adulthood is necessary. Permanent teeth are expected to last. However, there are factors in adulthood that lead to tooth extraction. Some reasons why permanent teeth need to be extracted are tooth infection or decay, periodontal disease, injury from trauma, and misaligned teeth. 

The healing process of the extracted tooth might take a full week or more. It is essential to follow the instructions of the dentist to avoid causing complications that will prolong the healing process. The area where the extraction happened will be tender and sensitive, so taking good care of it is a must.

tooth extraction

If you are planning to undergo a tooth extraction procedure, we at Dentistry of East Sacramento, have prepared some aftercare tips that will help with the healing process:

  • Avoid smoking. Doing so can delay healing.
  • Remember to take the pain relievers as prescribed by the dentist. The days following the extraction might cause some pain and discomfort. The pain relievers will significantly help. 
  • The dentist will place gauze on the site of the extraction to lessen the bleeding and help prevent contamination in the area. Leave the gauze on for three to four hours after the extraction procedure is over. 
  • After the procedure, apply an ice pack on the side of the cheek where the extraction occurred as this will help with the pain and swelling. Make sure to use it for only 10 minutes at a time to avoid tissue damage. 
  • Rest for at least a day following the extraction. Limit physical activity, do not do manual work or lift anything heavy. Give the body some time to heal. 
  • After 24 hours has passed, rinse the mouth with saltwater. 
  • A blood clot will form on the site of the extraction. To keep the blood clot in place, do not sip or use a straw for this is necessary for the extraction site to heal. 
  • Continue doing oral care practices at home. Keep on brushing and flossing regularly, avoid the extraction site. 

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