Tips to Make Oral Hygiene More Fun for Children – Sacramento, CA

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It is natural for parents to wish what is best for their children. When choosing baby supplies, they prefer to purchase items coming from trusted brands. However, aside from securing their young ones’ general health, the state of their mouths should be monitored as well. Do know that if the teeth are compromised, nutrition, development, and growth can be affected.

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We at Dentistry of East Sacramento highly advised parents to take proper measures when caring for the smiles of their little ones. However, we also understand that teaching children something new can be quite challenging. The secret? Make it more fun! Here are some tips we prepared for their oral wellness.

Make them pick the toothbrush they want

Letting them choose their toothbrush will make them look forward to its use. Just make sure to go for brushes with soft bristles, with sizes that are fit for their mouths. There are now brushes with built-in timers or music to make sure that the recommended duration of two minutes will be followed. Other than the toothbrush, choosing a toothpaste that comes in their favorite flavor is ideal. Picking the one with fluoride content works best too.

Educate children through books or videos

Since children are still too young to understand the importance of oral care, it is the parents’ job to teach them. Be creative and fun by choosing cartoon shows and books that portray the practice of good oral care.

Do oral care together

Children tend to copy what adults do, either good or bad. Parents should serve as a good influence by showing their kids that they enjoy performing oral hygiene habits. Doing it at the same time can make the experience even more fun and interesting for children.

Use a reward system

Positive reinforcements can work effectively even for children. If they happen to brush, floss, and rinse, give them prizes like stamps or stickers. Avoid giving them candies and other sweet treats since sugary snacks can jeopardize their oral health.

Let them start early

Aside from oral care practices at home, parents should also let the dentist monitor their child’s oral health. As soon as the first tooth erupts on the sixth-month or around their first birthday, schedule their first visit. Introduce them to the staff and the dentist who will be handling them to build a good first impression.

At Dentistry of East Sacramento, we offer various dental services that are suited for children’s care. We have sealants, fluoride applications, fillings, crowns, and emergency dentistry to provide young patients with the oral attention they need and deserve!

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