Teeth Extractions in

At the office of Dentistry of East Sacramento, we aim to preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime. But there are some situations where we must recommend tooth removal in order to protect your oral health.

Teeth Extractions in Sacramento

Our team will always strive to ensure that the procedure of tooth extraction is comfortable for our patients. We offer state-of-the-amenities in the office such as flat-screen TVs in patient rooms with Netflix, blankets, and pillows, and make use of sedation and anesthesia for a virtually painless procedure.

A tooth may need to be extracted for several reasons, such as:

  • Infection and damage to a tooth, which is beyond repair and may spread to the nearby teeth and gums if the tooth is not removed.
  • Crowding of teeth in the mouth, causing problems with your bite and tooth alignment.
  • Sometimes, a child's baby teeth do not fall out naturally to allow permanent teeth to come in.
  • Tooth impaction, a condition wherein a wisdom tooth does not erupt fully from the jawbone or erupts at an angle.

We conduct a thorough assessment of your tooth and overall oral health before recommending an extraction. The procedure is performed after administering an injection of local anesthesia. Sedation may be used as well. We offer oral and laughing gas.

The tooth will be carefully removed from its socket in the jawbone using dental instruments, and the area is then cleaned and flushed. A piece of gauze is placed on the area to control bleeding and allow a clot to form at the extraction site. We will also provide comprehensive instructions on how to care for the extraction site.

It is vital to keep the extraction site clean to prevent infection. Apply an ice pack on your outer cheek if you experience swelling and eat soft, cold foods. Avoid smoking, drinking and using a straw.

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Review from Ramona H.
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five stars

Ramona H.

The staff here is Extremely Professional and Knowledgeable! They are Very Personable as well. I am SO Glad I found them! Hands Down Best Dentist Office in 916!
Review from Amy F.
five stars

Amy F.

Everyone was very kind and helpful in this office. Everything went very smoothly and I am grateful to have found this dentist. The dentist really cared about me and is going to refer me to a TMJ specialist which I need. I usually dread going to the dentist but this was painless. Thank you!!
Review from Cobie H.
five stars

Cobie H.

It was a very pleasant experiance and very quick. Staff and Dr. Sabrina were really nice. They stated I didn’t need x-rays or probing this time which was great as it saved a lot of time and made for and easy visit. I appreciate not having extra things done unless absolutely necessary.
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